När den är som bäst, dvs när det mesta man gör blir något. Vad är då något?
Det kan vara en halv strumpa t.ex För den kan skänka mer glädje till en stickerska än en hel tröja som ändå inte passar.
In swenglish: Knitting!
When it is best, when everything you made get out to be something.
What is something? It could be half a sock because it could bring more joy to a knitter than a sweater finished and not fit!
Jag förstår bättre än jag skriver, så ha överseende!


I have been tagged by Oslofia!! 1) Total number of music files on your computer? None( Yes, I know I am boring...) 2) The last cd you bought My memory only last for some weeks, but I remember I bought John Fogerty,Blue moon swamp.. 3) The last song you listened to before reading this message Perhaps it was Chicago 4) Name 5 songs you listen to often or that mean something to you: I love to listen to John Fogerty, CCR, Chicago,but I have never been able to remember the names... 5) What 3 people would you pass this on to and why? I pass this to, Christine Ramble Because she was my Secret Pal sometimes ago, and she create lovely flowers. Next person is the girl behind: and I choose her because she made a beautiful sweater in KPPM, and I am have want to ask her if she has swedish ancesters!! and the last girl is:Helene, who is working in the Sticka!!

2 kommentarer:

Helene sa...

Marianne! Hjälp! Vad betyder det att jag blivit taggad?! Ska jag göra nåt eller kan ja bara tare lugnt me taggarna?

Anonym sa...

Hi Marianne ~ I don't have Swedish ancestors, that I know of. But if the U.S. gets too crazy, may I still move to Sweden and live there peacefully?!?


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